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Potlatch news

Last day to pre-register at $55 is today, Feb 15! At-the-door will be $75, so register now if you're coming.

The hotel room block expires in 3 days, on Feb 18, so book now to be sure you get the great $89 rate.

We've learned that some letters have been inexplicably bouncing from our PO box. If this has happened to you, please email us about it.

Memberships For Sale

Luke and I will not be attending Potlatch, though we bought memberships last year. Anyone who hasn't bought their membership yet, is welcome to buy them from us. If not, is there any hope of a refund?
Normally, we could hang on to them till next year, but I understand there might not be a Potlatch next year.

Calling Algonquins

Algonquins are a Potlatch tradition — round table discussions on whatever topic you'd like to arrange. It could be a book discussion, a reading, a demonstration, a game, a project, or wherever your imagination and interests take you. At Potlatch 20 we have a generous block of time on Saturday afternoon (2:45 PM - 4:45 PM to be precise) for tea, the Tiptree Bake Sale, and Algonquins. Lunch is also a good time for Algonquins. There will be a board with Algonquin sign-up sheets. If you see an Algonquin you'd like to join, please sign up. If you'd like to organize one, blank forms will be provided.

Even better, if you send in your Algonquin idea, we will provide a pre-printed sign-up sheet. We'll also publicize Algonquins in the progress report and program book (spacetime permitting). You can reply to this post, or email to
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Pre-order T-shirts

If you want a Potlatch T-shirt to pick up at the con, pre-order it asap!

We will only order a few more than the number pre-ordered, so we aren't stuck with a pile of T-shirts at the end, so pre-ordering is the way to be sure you will get one of these beauties. In theory the deadline to pre-order has passed, but if you order tonight, you can probably sneak in under the wire.

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Be a Local Guide

Potlatch 20 will soon be taking place at the same locale as Potlatch 18 two years ago, at the Domain Hotel in Sunnyvale in the heart of Silicon Valley. We're about to update our restaurant list and local guide, and we welcome your input.

The Potlatch 18 list and guide may be found in PDF format on the Potlatch web site at, on pages 12-34 (14-36 of the PDF). It covers all restaurants along El Camino within 3/4 mile of the hotel in either direction, plus selected other restaurants within easy driving distance, and other useful and interesting sites in the area.

We already know of some changes in the restaurant list, and we'll be going over all the entries over the next couple of weeks. But if you know of any changes to venues to alert us to ... or if you have a favorite restaurant within 5 miles or so that you'd like to add to the list ... or if you have a write-up to contribute ... please send it in. You can comment on this post, or send an e-mail to

Deadline is February 4. Thanks!
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Potlatch gathering at Borderlands Café

Sunday, Jan. 16th, 2-4 p.m.

Join us for a Potlatch gathering at Borderlands Café on Sunday, Jan. 16th, from 2-4 p.m. We're hoping to introduce Potlatch to some readers of science fiction who have not attended Potlatch in the past. Come chat about books, visit the Borderlands bookstore, and talk about Potlatch to prospective members. Drop by and say "Hi!"

For anyone interested in program panels, there will be a program discussion during this time as well. We still have open slots for program participants. Come brainstorm, throw ideas around, and maybe get inspired to ringlead an item yourself.

Borderlands Café (next door to Borderlands Books)
870 Valencia St, San Francisco


Jan. 23: Last day to order your Potlatch t-shirt (extended from Jan 15)
Feb. 11: Deadline for writers' workshop submission (extended from Feb 4)
Feb. 15: Last day to pre-register at $55. At-the-door memberships will be $75
Feb. 18: Hotel block expires

Potlatch 20 *  March 4-6, 2011 * Sunnyvale, CA
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$55 rate good through Dec 31

We've extended the $55 membership rate through Dec 31, mainly because we'd rather have more of you attending at $55 than fewer of you at a higher rate. But please, be kind to your frazzled concom and register sooner rather than later. It's the quality of attendees that make Potlatch the excellent convention that it's been. Let's make it another good one.