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Book of Honor Nominees

Book of Honor discussion is in progress.

The nominated books are:

  • Les Cinq Cents Millions de la Bégum (sometimes translated as The Begum’s Treasure) by Jules Verne

  • The Night Sessions by Ken MacLeod

  • Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks

  • War With the Newts by Karel Čapek

  • Methuselah’s Children by Robert A. Heinlein

  • UBIK by Philip K. Dick

  • The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

  • Star Guard by Andre Norton

  • The City and the City by China Mieville

  • Yukikaze by Chōhei Kambayashi

  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

  • The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox by Barry Hughart

To discuss a book, you can comment here in this community, or on the Book of Honor page at

The Book of Honor should be readily available, in print, or easily found used, or in the public domain. If you know a good way to obtain a nominated work, please post a comment with the details.

I would like to encourage you to read a nominated work, or re-read it if you haven’t read it recently. Post a comment with your impressions! Why would it make a good Potlatch Book of Honor? Or why not?
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Potlatch 23 Progress Report 1

Potlatch 23, the small but perfectly formed literary speculative fiction convention, is coming to San Jose, California on February 21-23, 2014. It will take place at the remarkably attractive and handily central Sainte Claire Hotel in downtown San Jose. Our website is

Registration is now open! Potlatch 23 memberships are $40 through July 15th. Youth memberships are $25. Children (6 and under) are free. Join now to nominate the Book of Honor and participate in the discussion.

You may register online. You may also register by mail. Download our registration form, fill that bad boy out and send it to Potlatch, P.O. Box 103, Mountain View, CA 94042 along with your check. Please make checks payable to Potlatch.

We will be publishing a restaurant guide to the area, so if you have a favorite restaurant in San Jose, let us know!

Want to keep up with us on social media? We have a lovely Facebook page. We're on Twitter as @potlatch23, because we're incredibly literal like that! There are Potlatch communities on LiveJournal and DreamWidth. We haven't started a Tumblr yet, fandom is a bit shy about being photographed, and we love to comment. Leave us a message, start a thread to discuss possible Books of Honor, tweet your questions.

We hope you'll join right away and help us in the fully democratic process of choosing the annual Potlatch Book of Honor. Let your voice be heard! We're listening.

Publications: Lucy Huntzinger
Chair: Tom Becker
Auction: Dawn Plaskon, Cindy Scott
Hospitality: Sarah Goodman
Logistics: Rich McAllister, Linda McAllister
Local Guide: David Bratman
At-Con Registration: Randy Smith
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Potlatch 23 On-line Registration

On-line registration is up and running!

You can go to the registration page and become a member of Potlatch 23. You can also order banquet tickets and Potlatch t-shirts.

We are extending the early rate of $40 through July 15th so people who want to join on-line still have a chance to do so at the early rate. This is a really good deal. Check it out.
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Potlatch 23

I am pleased to announce that Potlatch 23 will be February 21–23, 2014 at the Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose, California.

Memberships are available at a discounted rate of $40 through April 30th.

We are hoping to make Potlatch 23 the most inclusive Potlatch ever. The Book of Honor will be chosen by a vote of the members. The program will be based on suggestions by members (similar to WisCon), with the final decision made by a vote of the members.

For more details, check
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Potlatch 22 last-minute updates

Potlatch 22 is now just one week away! Here's some last-minute news and reminders.

The Potlatch track program schedule has been posted at

The schedule for Foolscap's Friday writing seminars has also been posted, at These seminars are free, but you must sign up by 1/25 (tomorrow!)

The Potlatch 22 Local Guide has gone to the printer and is now available as a PDF for your pre-con research at

The transit instructions we gave you last time about how to get to the con from the airport have been updated slightly:

Finally, if you are planning to come to Potlatch and still haven't bought your membership, it's not too late. The cost only goes up at the door and we would love to know in advance if we get to see your smiling face at the con. Memberships are still only $50, but the clock is ticking. Buy your membership now!

That's all the news for now. See you at the con!

To/From the Airport

Redmond Town Center is 24 miles from SeaTac airport. Anything other than throwing money at a taxi requires some amount of forethought on your part. Taxi or town car services become more cost-effective when shared; feel free to use the comments thread on this post to communicate your arrival time and arrange meetups.

Note that if you’re arriving late Friday night, your trip will be affected by a weekend closure of the SR 520 floating bridge across Lake Washington, which begins at 11pm, ending 5am Sunday.

By the way, some map searches have been giving me a generic “Redmond” when I ask for “Redmond Town Center” or “Redmond Marriott Town Center”. What that defaults to is quite close to us, luckily.

A Taxi will run $70-80.

David Levine reports some good experiences with Aces For Hire town car service, 206-518-8411. Shuttle Express also has town cars/limos for 2 to 8 people that can be arranged in advance. They quoted David $45 for one person (round trip $80), or $51 for two (RT $92).

EastSide Town Car and Limousine charges a flat $fee per car from SeaTac to Redmond destinations. Call 206-853-6146 or see On the web they say $55, on the phone $66. (Note that is someone else.)

Shuttle Express runs scheduled hourly service to its partner hotel the Redmond Inn for $22 per person. This puts you just over a mile away from the Marriott, so it might be right if you love to walk or can call on someone to pick you up. Call 425-981-7000 or see for more info, optional inbound reservations, mandatory outbound reservations.

Public transit costs $5.25 per person. 50 to 100 minutes depending on time of day. SoundTransit’s LINK light rail train runs between the airport and downtown; then walk about a block to transfer to bus #545 Redmond.

Transit specifics:
The airport light rail station is a bit of a schlep. It connects to the 4th floor of the main parking garage, which seems to be at the terminal’s Skybridge level. Look for Skybridge 6? (See their map.) Buy a $2.75 ticket before boarding. This is the terminus, so all trains are northbound.

International District, Pioneer Square, and Westlake stops all offer nearby transfers to the #545 bus, up at street level. (ID: 4th and Jackson. Pioneer Square: 4th & James. Westlake: 4th & Pike.) Pay $2.50 cash fare on boarding. Eez nize buss. Get off at 166th Avenue in Redmond, the first stop after the Redmond Transit Center. Walk south on 166th, west on 76th, then south on 164th to the hotel (about 1/3 mi. in all).