February 27th, 2011

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Whither Potlatch? Talk about it now, and/or come to the panel!

At 9 am next Sunday morning (March 6) at Potlatch 20, there will be a panel called Whither Potlatch? Here's the description: For a while it looked like Potlatch 20 might be the last one in its current form. A Potlatch 21 committee has now been formed, but this is still a worthwhile discussion to have. Let’s have a general conversation in the Potlatch community about when, how, and whether to keep holding Potlatches. What are the possibilities?

And here's an excerpt from an email that Suzanne V. Tompkins, one of the co-chairs of Potlatch 19, sent out last month: We think that the entire Potlatch community is entitled to have a say in what happens next. If Potlatch is a coming together and sharing event as it's meant to be, then how it evolves isn't strictly up to this small group of old fans and tired, here in Seattle.

Whaddya think? I won't be on the panel myself, but I'll be there in the audience, hooting and hollering at Tom Becker, Jack Bell, and Ulrika O’Brien and generally making a nuisance of myself. No, wait. We're talking about 9 am on a Sunday. I'll be there, calmly and quietly listening and pretending that I'm not just finishing my breakfast. I hope to see you there, too, or in discussion here.