January 31st, 2011


Calling Algonquins

Algonquins are a Potlatch tradition — round table discussions on whatever topic you'd like to arrange. It could be a book discussion, a reading, a demonstration, a game, a project, or wherever your imagination and interests take you. At Potlatch 20 we have a generous block of time on Saturday afternoon (2:45 PM - 4:45 PM to be precise) for tea, the Tiptree Bake Sale, and Algonquins. Lunch is also a good time for Algonquins. There will be a board with Algonquin sign-up sheets. If you see an Algonquin you'd like to join, please sign up. If you'd like to organize one, blank forms will be provided.

Even better, if you send in your Algonquin idea, we will provide a pre-printed sign-up sheet. We'll also publicize Algonquins in the progress report and program book (spacetime permitting). You can reply to this post, or email to programming@potlatch-sf.org.
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Memberships For Sale

Luke and I will not be attending Potlatch, though we bought memberships last year. Anyone who hasn't bought their membership yet, is welcome to buy them from us. If not, is there any hope of a refund?
Normally, we could hang on to them till next year, but I understand there might not be a Potlatch next year.