March 1st, 2009

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Cartoonists and graphic novels mentioned during Saturday's Graphic Novel Panel at Potlatch 18

Hello, Jenn Manley Lee here. I was on the Graphic Novel panel Saturday morning along with Ursula Le Guin and Lenny Bailes; just wanted to share a list of the creators and comics mentioned during that panel plus a few more that I thought might appeal to folks. Chances are I missed a few – please feel free to fill-in any omissions in the comments as well as recommend other comics you think folks should check out.

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Excellent convention!

Not that I have the time or energy to post my own report, but:

waywardcats was doing some liveblogging on Friday and Saturday, before she got into being full-time (super-successful!) auction manager.
badgerbag liveblogged several panels, and she's one hell of a liveblogger.
src posted here earlier, but she doesn't say how good her blogging is, and I wouldn't have known it if badgerbag hadn't pointed it out.
imnotandrei posted something of a con report.

That's what I've seen so far.
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