Potlatch restaurant guide

Here we go: it's my restaurant guide for this year's Potlatch. What it is, is a cut-down, streamlined, reorganized, and most importantly updated version of the one from two years ago. Having re-centered the coverage on our new location, and limited it to a small radius because this is just a one-day con, I checked everything for ensuring it's still there and to update the hours, and then over the last three weeks tried out most of the new places.

A one-afternoon event may not really need a restaurant guide, but I'm hoping that having this up seven weeks before the con will whet your appetites and encourage you to attend.

Potlatch 25

Potlatch 25 will be on Saturday March 19th, 2016 at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library in San José, California.

Memberships are free. Tell your friends!

The Book of Honor is Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson.

There will be a Writers Workshop. It will also be free.

There will be an on-line auction to benefit Clarion West. Details are being worked out now, and will be announced in early 2016.
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Potlatch restaurant guide

The complete Potlatch restaurant guide is now up on the web. Thanks to athenais for the heroic job of converting and formatting the file. This is the COMPLETE guide - the one you'll see in the program book is abridged for space. Not that you really need to know of all the Starbucks, Subways, Togos, and all littering downtown, but there's a whole section of restaurants outside of easy walking distance, but within easy driving distance, on the online list. Some of these are also accessible by a determined walker or by light rail.

local transport

I have tried twice now to post a comment to Kate's query about getting to the hotel, and both times it was marked as spam. Probably because it had a link in it.

I don't think we did have a guide on getting to the hotel, and we ought to. I have hastily thrown one up here.
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Airport transportation?

Does the Potlatch website have a write-up on getting to the hotel? I am most interested in getting to the hotel from the airport, but I imagine there are others who would be interested in similar info for bus, train, freeways, et cetera. I searched, but I did not find this info; perhaps I was not looking in the right place.


Potlatch 23 Program Survey

Thank you to everyone who suggested program ideas. We have ideas! Now we need to decide on which ones, and who would like to speak on them. Please go to the Program Survey page and fill out the survey form. There are two sections, one where you vote for the topics you'd like to see, and another for the ones you could be on as a panelist or moderator.